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posted on 01 Aug 2015 16:54 by narrowparish1781
Rooftopping professional photographers have obtained a great deal of interest as well as notoriety in recent days for climbing up to incredibly peaks in cities and shooting pictures while typically teetering on the brink. It was taken sometime in the mid-1920s

. Ebbets in 1932, is evocative many of the rooftopping images we see today.


The image above (by an unknown photographer) shows a digital photographer taking a picture of New York City roads while standing high over on the edge of a high-rise building. It ends up digital photographers were currently pulling similar stunts almost a century earlier.


Update: Here's a 1905 photo of a professional photographer sitting high above Fifth Opportunity:

Update: As professional photographer Bob Cooley explains in the comments here, numerous resources on the Internet recommend that all three of these photos show digital photographer Charles C. Ebbets, which was recognized for these sorts of stunts.


This picture, supposedly of photographer Charles C.